Edgemead Runners

powered byOne of my new years resolutions for 2011 was to be more active and to get back into shape.

To do this I had to give myself a target to work towards.

My target was to run the Two Oceans full marathon. To run the Two Oceans full you need to qualify first. There is two criteria that you need to complete before you can enter for the Two Oceans Full. One being you have to run a qualifying full marathon before and two being that you have to belong to a running club.

After looking at a couple of alternatives I found the Edgemead runners and joined early in January 2011.

I must say that I have not looked back since this is a great club. The guys are always motivating each other and I have learned so much since joining as the guys are always available to give good advice.

The club welcomes walkers as well as beginners. The group for beginners is called the Figlers.

I would really recommend the Edgemead Runners to anybody.