Jack Canfield – 2011 goals


As discussed in my previous post I have started working through “Jack Canfield – The Success Principles’. There are 64 principles in the book. The first principle that is discussed in this book is – “take 100% responsibility” for your life.

This simply means that all the choices that you have made before have lead you to this point. This is what you have to take responsibility for and move on. This is easier said than done.

Also remember that you choices you make today will lead you to your future. You can now choice to harp on the past and what may or may not have happened OR you can focus on your achievements and your future.

So take 100% responsibility today and take action.

Goals 2011

imagesBeing at the end of 2010 I can only say this year has been very interesting.

I have taken two weeks leave vowing to recharge my batteries to enable me to be battle ready for the year to come.

So it is all about spending time with family and friends, catching up with people that I have not seen much during the year and most importantly having some mojito’s.

BUT it can’t all be about parties so to assist me with my goal setting and as part of my preparation for 2011 I have decided to work through the book “The Success Principles – Jack Canfield”.

I will try and give you an overview of the book as I work through it.

So far it has been very interesting. The assistance with goal setting has been great and I would really recommend this to anybody looking for some guidance with the 2011 year to come.

Keep visiting my web page for updates on this book.

Mission Mojito’s Cape Town

images 1

I have recently taken a liking to Mojito’s. I am a true Capetownian and I love my cocktails at sunset.

I have had mojitos at a couple of Cape Town restaurants. Two that truly stood out so far was the original as well as the Kiwi flavour Mojito served at Cafe Mojito in Long Street.

I am going to try mojito’s through Cape Town and surrounds this summer and will let you know where I find a great place to drink.

Entrepreneur Focus Group (EFC)


Today was my first visit with the Entrepreneur Focus Group (EFC) arranged by Bettina Hovarth, the regional developer of Sales Partners Cape Region. This is only one of the services offered by Sales Partners Cape Region.

The group provides a safe environment for business owners to get together and brainstorm relevant and pressing issues within their own business or the environment that those businesses operate in.

This is a 6 week program / commitment. The group meets every two weeks at Die ou Pastorie in Somerset West.

During this first meeting yesterday we discussed the issue of employing personnel and the procedures to be put in place to ensure you employ correctly first time round.

I will keep you posted over the next 6 weeks with the progress of the group.

Lonely world of small business owners

Recently it once again become clear to me how lonely being in business for yourself can get.

As a business owner you tend to create the impression that you have it all under control at all times and in doing so you cut yourself off from everybody else and maybe the person that could help you. Also in the business community I find we are not very willing to share what is really going on with one another.

By finding likeminded individuals or groups we may find that if we are willing to share with one another we would perhaps grow more and achieve more.

Yes yes I know that not all business owners will be willing to share and some will only be in it for themselves but in order for business to transform we as business owner need to develop our networks and support structures.

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