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About me

This is my personal blog. I have always looked at people and wondered where they find the time to update their web pages and comment of articles, upload photo’s and still gets through their work load. They always look successful in everything they do. They have 2.5 kids, a great house and a great marriage, but what I have found was that all of us have some sort of screen that we put up and this is my attempt to take mine off and to let the world in a bit more.

So I am trying to join the 21st century at the young age of 29, with the first of my 2.5 kids on the way with my very professional CA wife Lizelle E’Silva Bothma.

I could not understand the amount of time people spend on web platforms like Facebook, especially all the people sending invitation after invitation.All the communities created on this platform and the amount of hours people spend on the sites was amazing to me.

So this is my comeback to Facebook. You don’t need to accept any invitations, reply to any emails sent or join any group created. You can comment on any post placed on this site.

Enjoy the site and hope to hear from you soon.