Personal branding

In the past few weeks I have become very aware of the “personal
branding” situation we find ourselves in.
As you all know we all have our special brands we cling to, all be it
your 501 Levi jeans, Puma tops or Guess sunglasses we all have them. For us each of these brands stands for

The same can be said about each of us personally. Every single day we are
building a brand whether we know it or not.
The question whether you are building valuable brand that people will
relate and respond too remains.

To build your brand you need to know what you stand for and how you will be
able to sell this value to the outside world. Herein lies the problem as most of us will go
through live reacting to what is happening to us but to build your brand we
have to start thinking proactively. This is a big problem for us in our fast
pace lives.

So do yourself a huge favour and today and sit back and ask yourself how your
actions today added or subtracted from your “personal brand”.

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