Telkom and ASDL

I know
most of you reading this would have gone through this at one stage or another
and I know that there are several other blogs complaining about this. I am just
very frustrated with the fact that we have to wait 3 months to have our dsl
line installation done and this is my way of release.

I understand that there are line shortages in our area but how does Telkom not
anticipate these shortages. I know that we live in a society of immediate
gratification but I feel that 3 months are just not reasonable.

With comments like these on their webpage you would not think this would be a problem:

a Telkom Internet account and off you go. Click here for Telkom Internet All
access account offers.
DSL now even faster to your doorstep! Do it yourself Broadband DSL now a
reality with Telkom’s self install option, we sort the network, you install
your modem. Click here. for details!”

What makes it ever worst is that we have tried to track the progress of this
application via telephone and was unsuccessful. We tried to phone the
Canal Walk Branch and the Cape Town number given to us but we were only greeted
by voicemail. So does this make sense that you can’t track a telephone line
issues via the media that the service provider offers. We had to drive to Canal Walk to speak to a
consultant there.

How do you manage your business effectively if you are met with this kind of mentality?
Then I don’t even want to start on the Eskom load shedding issue.

Where is the country going to end up? I would like to think that I am a
positive person but all of this is just getting to me and I sometime have to
calm myself down and just go into “Africa time mode” to keep myself from
going postal. So if there is anyone that can suggest a way forward I would love
to hear from you.

less Christo Bothma


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