Road to fitness

So it has been a long time coming. I have put running on hold for far too long to the extent that I am now 13kg heavier.

The eye opener was when I went for a ran that previously would not have been a problem and found myself struggling so badly. It is time to get back on the road and loose this 13kg.  None of my clothes fit me anymore and my body is saying no more. 

I have my target race and have started the process. First morning run in the bag. I hope to use this as my daily accountability platform so if you are not interested in running I apologise upfront.

Saturday morning Vida

This is how a saturday should start! Done with our run and now enjoying a Vida late!

We should enjoy life more. Just a thought!


Business failures up

Per the article listed below, businesses are failing at an alarming rate. There is a 70% year on year increase in February 2009 of business failures.

Now is a time of difficulty but also a time of great opportunity. As businesses are failing there is a gap in the market that needs to be filled.

This is the time where true entrepreneur shine. They will find the opportunities in any downturn. The challenge is finding the opportunity.

Sportsmans Warehouse

Good day

I would like to compliment the staff at the Canal Walk Store. I was in the
store yesterday evening, 9 July 2008, at about 7:30pm. I found the staff to be very friendly and
very, very helpful.

It is not often that I receive service of this manner and I think it is not
often that client compliment staff when they receive customer service of this

I would definitely visit this store again and would recommend this store to my
friends and colleagues.

Great job

Christo Bothma