Road to fitness

So it has been a long time coming. I have put running on hold for far too long to the extent that I am now 13kg heavier.

The eye opener was when I went for a ran that previously would not have been a problem and found myself struggling so badly. It is time to get back on the road and loose this 13kg.  None of my clothes fit me anymore and my body is saying no more. 

I have my target race and have started the process. First morning run in the bag. I hope to use this as my daily accountability platform so if you are not interested in running I apologise upfront.

Edgemead Runners

powered byOne of my new years resolutions for 2011 was to be more active and to get back into shape.

To do this I had to give myself a target to work towards.

My target was to run the Two Oceans full marathon. To run the Two Oceans full you need to qualify first. There is two criteria that you need to complete before you can enter for the Two Oceans Full. One being you have to run a qualifying full marathon before and two being that you have to belong to a running club.

After looking at a couple of alternatives I found the Edgemead runners and joined early in January 2011.

I must say that I have not looked back since this is a great club. The guys are always motivating each other and I have learned so much since joining as the guys are always available to give good advice.

The club welcomes walkers as well as beginners. The group for beginners is called the Figlers.

I would really recommend the Edgemead Runners to anybody.

My goals 2011

images 1As is customary at the beginning of each year everybody makes new years resolutions and I am no different. The only difference this year is that I have set myself some goals and have not made new years resolutions this year.

I am firstly sharing my goals with others in order to be held accountable to them and secondly I am working on an action plan to achieve these goals.

So the only thing to do now is to share my goals with you. Here we go:

  1. Healthy living
    This I am sure is high on very body’s list every year. I want to live healthier this year, eating better and exercising more. Join a running club and start running more.
  2. Read more
    I love reading business / self improvement books but I don’t always make enough time to read. I want to read at least one business / self improvement book a month from now on.
  3. Business growth
    This year I will take the time to improve my business systems, delegate more responsibility and train staff more. I look forward to starting more profitable businesses going forward and retention of good staff is high on my list.
  4. Connecting with friends
    We are all so busy running around that we don’t take the time to reconnect with friends. Going forward I would like to set aside more R&R time with my family and friend. I need to switch off and enjoy life more.
  5. Repay debt
    I am sure everybody has this on their minds due to the economic situation we all find ourselves in but this year I am making a conscious decision to repay some of my debts.
  6. Giving back
    This is something I feel very passionate about. We all have so much to be thankful for and yet we all complain about non-stop. The only way we can start to enjoy and appreciate what we have is by giving back to our community. I have identified an house for children to support going forward. I can recommend this to everybody.

So there you go my goals for 2011. I am very positive that this year is going to be a great one.